About us

Established since 2007, physio24x7 has been servicing patients in Delhi and India for over seven years. With seven years of collective physiotherapy experience from around the world. We have a dedicated team ready to face any challenges in the medical field. The various professionals who compose our multi disciplinary team i.e. doctors, physicians, surgeons, neurologist, orthopedics, physiotherapist, nursing staff, manual therapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, yoga trainer, nutrition and diet consultant, and pharmaceutical consultant, collaborate and coordinate their efforts that the patient can attain their objectives.


OUR MISSION at physio24x7 is to provide conditions that favor optimal physical rehabilitation of an injured or sicken person. We are a boutique practice, conveniently located in Delhi and India and open from 24 hours and seven days by appointment. Education, varied techniques in physiotherapy like manual therapy, electrotherapy as well as specific exercises are all utilized by the expert physiotherapists according to the pathology and stage of healing of the patient.

We provide the best standard procedure of physiotherapy treatment in India from assessment and providing accurate precise diagnosis, to treatment and rehabilitation. THE VISION of the physio24x7 is to ensure the return of its patients to physical activity safely and with optimal efficiency.

Our Promise

OUR HEART BEATS……. similar, to that of yours. Neither of us can afford to skip a beat. The physio 24x7 is aligned keeping the above truth in mind.


First cum first service basis i.e. we align all the calls received by our patients in preference; and according coupling it by our trained physios. After receiving your call, you will receive our call with in hall an hour continuing your appointment.

First Interaction

The first visit will be totally dedicated to the patient and his well-wishers. During first session, our consultant physio will try to extract the maximum knowledge about the patient. At the same time, we would like our patient to disclose even the minutest details about this case. This will develop a “CAMPATIBILITY BOND” between the physio and the patient, which will become the backbone of our treatment protocol.

Follow Up

In this category, the treatment protocol, will continue as instructed by consultant physiotherapist.

True To Our Hearts

On our part, we will not leave any “stone unturned” to recover you as fast as possible. Our physio will reach your place before the fixed time, and the same is expected from the patient i.e. he/she is ready to receive the treatment. The physiotherapist will not be responsible for the time lost on the part of patients.

Divine Touch

After providing our full effort and comfort, we hand over the patient for divine intervention to provide the final blessings.


As a dedicated gesture and commitment, we at physio24x7 would love to give three complimentary visit, which the patient can avail any time within a year from the starting date of the treatment.